Our shopping center is located just off the "Energy-Corridor" in a great area, on a high traffic 4 lane well known street, 9 apartment complexes and a large school all in walking distance. Guess who has already done the demographics; McDonalds, Randal's, Taco Bell, Kroger's, Ace Hardware, HEB foods, Burger King, Slotzski's, Pizza Hut, Wendy's, and Starbucks are ALL within a one block radius. This location has it ALL.

Welcome to Calliope Shopping Center

Our tenant mix is 70% child development oriented (Music, Dance, Reading, Cheerleaders, Martial-Arts, 3 stores supplying Dance clothes and alternate training), although we have a large 24-hour emergency clinic (with on-site MRI) moving in to one end-cap, but we also have a Hookah Bar on the other end cap as well as some other small shops.
Because of the unique tenant mix, our parking lot is at about 30% full until 3:30 and school gets out, then we have an almost FULL parking lot with 10 to 20 "soccer Moms" (and Dads) milling around waiting for their child to finish the after school activity.

Built in 1984 this shopping center was the pinacle of style with a metropolitan style "Tri"-level design.
The current owners purchased and updated the center, with new stucco facade and a high tech membrane roof warranteed for over 25 years........